01 Nov 2017

Program Of Love: #BerbagiCintaDufan

Dunia Fantasi Lihat Peta

Dufan has a new program called #BagiagiKintaDufan. This is a love program where Dufan, in collaboration with Dufan's friend to invite orphans and less able to afford recreation in Dufan.

For 1 full day, Dufan will serve orphans and the less fortunate, from transport to and from their residence, accompanying them during recreation, and giving them the opportunity to choose a meal menu and choose Dufan's own merchandise.

This program is based on our belief that a person's person is often shaped by the memories he carries from his childhood. Dufan is assisted by Dufan buddies trying to make beautiful memories that they will remember until adulthood. To participate in the #BagiagiKintaDufan program, you simply apply for orphaned and underprivileged children who want to be invited to recreate, and submit their biodata to the management of Dunia Fantasi.



1) Male & Female

2) Age 6-12 Years

3) Domicile in Jabodetabek

You will get a recreation package with Dufan team (including free tickets and lunch) Send your personal data and 3 orphans and less able to customercare@ancol.com with subject #BerbagiCintaDufan


For more info


Telephone 021 - 29 222 222 or LINE @Dufanancol