10 Must-Visit Jakarta Destinations for Everyone

Jakarta is an amazing city in Indonesia. Tourists can see beautiful things in this city. If you are planning to visit Indonesia, there are must-visit Jakarta destinations that should be on your list. Architecture, art, shopping places, and historical sites are all available in this city.

Those who are going to visit Indonesia with kids must learn about the best place to visit in Jakarta where kids can have fun. Fortunately, Jakarta is kid-friendly. Many places will not only entertain the little ones but also educate them at once. Ready to visit those amazing Jakarta destinations?

10 Must-Visit Jakarta Attractions for Families

Can you imagine visiting ten different destinations on one site? It is possible in Jakarta, especially in Ancol. It is a huge site where you can find ten different attractions at once. This site is the best place where families with kids can have fun together and spend their vacations. What can you find there?

1. Jakarta Bird Land

This is a beautiful park which is also a conservation site. This place has so many types of bird species from Indonesia and other countries. Parents must take their kids to this must-visit Jakarta destination. This is where kids can get interaction, education, and new experiences with bird species.

There will be six different areas in Jakarta Bird Land where visitors can find different species. Those areas include Macau and Cockatoo Area, Hornbill Family Area, and Predator Area. Three other areas are Mini Show, Bird Cage, and Water Bird Area.

2. Ancol

Taman Impian Ancol is a beautiful beach where you can enjoy the views with your family. Visitors to the beach can enjoy the fresh atmosphere in the lagoon, beach pool, festival, and carnival. There is also Lake Impian in this place where visitors can get relaxed at the end of the day.

The culinary facilities along this beach are amazing. There is Starbucks, Le Bridge, Jimbaran Resto, Talaga Sampireun, Segarra, and others. Here, visitors can also enjoy Sato-Sato, a unique train that brings them to explore the beach and other destinations.

3. Dunia Fantasi

The fantasy world, Dunia Fantasi, is a famous destination. If you travel with young ones, this is the best destination to visit. There are many best things to do in Jakarta when visiting Dunia Fantasi. Thirty-two different rides are available in Dunia Fantasi.

In this must-visit Jakarta destination, there are extreme rides like Hysteria, Halilintar, Kora-Kora, Tornado, and The Conjuring House. Many other rides are also available. Those rides are for kids and young adults. This is a perfect destination for families.

4. Sea World Ancol

This is a special area where your kids can get entertainment and education at once. The education they will get is about the marine world. SeaWorld has more than 7.000 freshwater biotas consisting of 48 types of fish and one type of reptile.

This destination also has 11,500 marine biotas consisting of 138 types of fishes, invertebrates, and also 3 different types of reptiles. Visitors can see those biotas in 28 display tanks. 9 of them are freshwater aquariums, 19 of them are marine aquariums, and 4 of them are open ponds.

5. Atlantis Water Adventure

Another must-visit Jakarta destination in Ancol is Atlantis Water Adventure which is a thematic water recreation park. It has the concept of ancient cities and civilizations in the Mediterranean region. This recreational park invites all visitors to experience the adventure of the lost world.

In this park, there are nine types of pools and many challenging and fun rides. Some rides you can try include Asthatirta, Skybox, Dragon Race, Crazy Slide, and Dragon Slide. There are also some other rides like Poseidon Wave, Antilla River, Apollo Pool, and Elephant pool.

6. Ocean Dream Samudra

Here comes another must-visit Jakarta destination you need to know. Ocean Dream Samudra is the biggest oceanarium where you can see dolphin shows, sea lion shows, animal shows, and so on. Freshwater and marine fish aquariums are also available here.

This tourist destination in Jakarta is a conservation study for dolphins. It has the most complete dolphin management concept, including various elements that are supporting each other. Those elements include dolphin-holding pools, keepers or trainers, water treatment, veterinarians, and labs.

7. Allianz Ecopark

This park is a land area of almost 34 hectares. It was Ancol Gold Course that now becomes a recreational facility where you can educate your kids. This is a beautiful place you can visit with your family. Visitors will be able to enjoy nature, and outdoor recreation, and explore botanical knowledge.

Some areas you can find when visiting this must-visit Jakarta destination include Eco Art, Eco Nature, Eco Care, and Eco Energy. Various types of plants are waiting for you. If you want to stay a couple of days on this site, there is Campark Ancol for those who want to spend the nights in nature.

8. Art Market

Pasar Seni, or the art market, is a crafts and arts center in Ancol. This tourist destination provides insight and inspiration for art collectors, entrepreneurs, and connoisseurs. This art center of Ancol Taman Impian is the tangible manifestation of Ancol’s concern for the talented artists’ survival.

Pasar Seni is standing on 5.25 hectares of land, in a strategic location. Right now, there are more than 210 stalls where artists can show their creations. You will find sculpture artists, sculptors, craftsmen, painters, and ceramic workshops in those stalls.

9. Faunaland

If you are taking your little ones to Indonesia, you must take them to Faunaland. This is a unique zoo you can find in Ancol, North Jakarta. The zoo carries the Papua concept which is the combination of the Australian and Asian continents. This combination creates a gorgeous landscape.

There are fauna, flora, and cultural arts you can see in this destination. The unique concept of the zoo presents rare and unique animals from many regions throughout the country. Most animals you’ll see come from the eastern side of Indonesia and some others are from different countries.

10. Gondola

There are 37 cabins or gondolas each of which can take 6 adults at once. The cabin is spacy and will keep everyone feeling comfortable along the trip. You will spend the next 20 minutes exploring 3 different stations on a gondola.

If you want to visit Indonesia with your family, make sure that you add these must-visit Jakarta destinations to your list. Tickets for all destinations above are available online. Get yours now by visiting Ancol official site and get the best offers for the upcoming vacations with your loved ones.