Eat as much as you want at Nyiur Resto

23 February 2018

Once satisfied enjoy the various recreational places in Ancol dream park, certainly stomach become hungry but often we find a culinary place that only offers menus and locations less satisfactory and less satisfied because the portion of the menu is a little. Do not worry, you can enjoy the menu with a variety of culinary menu with a price but can enjoy everything with satisfaction, fullness, and definitely make you happy. Would love to? come to Nyiur Resto Putri Duyung Ancol every Friday or Saturday night as from 19:00 to 22:00 available Dinner Buffet accompanied by live music and also feel comfortable at the edge of Ancol beach. Only Rp 155.000, - / pax you can enjoy a variety of culinary creations Nyiur Resto ranging from Appetizer, Main Course to Dessert that appeals and all that you can enjoy as much. Let's invite your spouse, friends or family to dinner with Nyiur Resto Putri Duyung Ancol.


For information contact 021 2601680