How to Get Unique Dufan Code

02 February 2018

Particularly in February, World Fantasy provides a special price. Where, every visitor who shows the unique code, will get the price of Rp. 110.000 (Monday - Friday) and Rp. 160,000 (Saturday, Sunday, and public holidays). This special pricing promo is limited to 28 February 2018.


Here are the steps to get Dufan's unique code:


1. Click kodeunikdufan.ancol.com or click here kodeunikdufan.ancol.com


2. Fill in the data yourself and make sure the data you fill is correct


3. Click Submit and unique code will be automatically sent to your email


4. Show unique code at Dufan counter and get special price.


1 unique code is only valid for a one-time exchange of tickets, so do not give your code to other people and immediately redeem at Dufan counter to enjoy all DUFAN rides, including new galactica rides, Dream Playground, and Color of Kingdom. See you at Dufan.


More info:


Ancol Customer Care (021) 29 222 222


Line @dufanancol