Promo SeaWorld Ancol Share Repost Retweet

01 February 2018

Friends of the Sea join Ancol SeaWorld Promo with Share, Repost and Retweet to get special price in Weekdays (Mon-Fri) Rp. 70.000, - and Weekend (Saturday and Sunday) Rp. 90.000, -


Terms and Conditions :


1. Share / Repost / Retweet this material on your Social Media (Facebook / Instagram / Twitter)


2. Screen Capture proof sharemu and write your personal data (Name, Place Date of Birth, and Domicile) to email: kodeseaworld.ancol@gmail.com with subject: Hifish Interactive Aquarium


3. Wait for 1x24 Hours to reply your unicorn code.


4. Redeem your unique code at the ticket counter with special price Promo SeaWorld Ancol.


5. 1 unique code is valid for 2 people




For more info contact

Ancol Customer Care: 021 29 222 222

Facebook: facebook.com/ancolseaworld

Instagram: @ seaworld.ancol