Promo Dufan khusus Pelajar & Mahasiswa

01 February 2018

Main to Dufan emang most exciting if with my friends, especially there is a special discount. Here for you JABODETABEK Special Students and Students. Check carefully the terms and conditions yuk:


Number of entourage minimum 15 people (student / student)

Special TK / SD companion can get the same price (1: 1)

H-2 cash transfer at the latest before the visit at Marketing office (Gd Specta beside counter Dufan) starting at 08.30 s.d 17.00 WIB

Transferee through transfer / cash deposit is done at most H-2 (working days) before kujnungan, to bank BNI branch of Jakarta Kota. No. account 0162201135 a / n PT Taman Impian Jaya Ancol

Proof of payment / transfer please emailed to sales@ancol.com/fax to 021-64713177 by giving description of school group name, number of entourage, and date of visit

On the day of the visit, at Dufan Entrance Entrance is required to show student / student cards per person. Without showing a student card, tickets are not valid

For more information contact phone number. below office starting at 08.30 s.d 17.00 WIB & not valid SMS:

- 0815 1620 168


- 0815 1620 166


- 0815 1621 936


- 0815 1621 934


- 0815 1621 932


- 0815 1630 118


Prices are subject to change without prior notice.