Bundling Dufan & Seaworld

01 February 2018

There is a new surprise ya, now you and your friends can vacation to DUFAN as well SEAWORLD ANCOL with special price promo loh. Check for the following terms and conditions yes:


Terms and Conditions :


This special price promo only applies to purchases at Dufan and Seaworld ticket booths

Terms of height, already charged ticket price:

Seaworld minimum 80 cm


Dufan at least 100 cm


For visitors who have not met the height, we call to buy other types of tickets.


Dufan & Seaworld tickets are valid only 1 day, ie on the day of ticket purchase.

The Dufan Annual Pass Card is only valid on the day of purchase, after which the visitor will receive a Dufan Annual Pass card valid for 1 year from the date of card making

Dufan operational hours:

Weekdays: 10am - 6pm


Weekend: 10am - 8pm


Annual Pass card will be closed at:


Weekdays: 5.00 pm


Weekend: 19.00 WIB


Seaworld Operating Hour:

All days: 9am - 6pm




More info contact Ancol Customer Care (021) 29 222 222