Promo Package Save Fours Sea World Ancol

06 December 2017

Promo Package Save Four for Rp. 350.000, - for 4 people you can use to SeaWorld Ancol! By using this promo you can see beautiful biota Indonesian Sea Nettle Jellyfish loh! How dapetinnya easy loh friend! Friends can go directly to alfamart or indomaret nearby to get this promo (especially Jabodetabek area). This promo is valid from 4 - 14 December 2017 well friend.


Terms and Conditions :


1. Purchases must be made at Indomaret or Alfamart outlets in the area outside Ancol Taman Impian.


2. Purchase receipts obtained from Indomaret or Alfamart booths must be delivered and delivered to Ancol SeaWorld cashier exchanged for admission.


3. Printed tickets are valid only on that day.


4. Can not be combined with other promos.


5. Promo package excludes tickets Main Gate Ancol Dream Park.


Wait let alone immediately invite family, friends, friends to SeaWorld Ancol.


Info to Ancol Contact Center (021) 29 222 222