01 Nov 2017

Fun Dive SeaWorld

Seaworld Ancol Lihat Peta

Fun Dive,

Fun Diving, Diving at Ancol SeaWorld Aquarium


SeaWorld Ancol, Jakarta, invites visitors to experience the sensation of diving in the Aquarium and meet with approximately 2000 species of fish. This program is also called Fun Dive or Funtastic Diving. Fun Dive is not only intended for visitors who have been skillful in diving and swimming and have diving license because for visitors who do not have a diving certificate and can not dive can follow this Fun Dive.


Fun Dive at SeaWorld Ancol this can be an unforgettable experience even for refreshing to eliminate fatigue due to the busyness of daily spellings. Fun Dive can also make visitors to know more about the world of diving and the underwater world.


SeaWorld Ancol currently has two packages offered for visitors who want to experience and explore the underwater beauty of the Ancol SeaWorld Aquarium. The first package is for the visitors who already have a certificate with the price of Rp. 500.000, - / person with the duration of Fun Dive 1x dives for approximately 45 minutes. While the second package is for the visitors who do not have a certificate with the price of Rp. 700.000, - / person with duration Fun Dive 1x dives for approximately 60 minutes including training.


With prices above visitors do not have to bother bringing diving equipment. Because the price is included with complete diving equipment, including buoyancy control device (BCD), fin, booties, mask, regulator, scuba tank, weights, wet suites and instructors who will accompany and standby assist in diving. The price also includes Ancol SeaWorld entrance ie Weekdays (Monday - Friday) Rp. 80.000, - and Weekend (Saturday, Sunday and Holiday) Rp. 90.000, -


Conditions to follow the Fun Dive is a certified minimum diving Open water for those who have certificate, age minimum 15 years and over, able-bodied and spiritual body and not suffering from disease, not in the process of therapy or treatment activities, and not a drug or drink addict hard and for women should not be in a state of coming months or menstruation.


Number of Fun Dive in 1 group or group maximum 3 people in one day. Fun Dive activities are two sessions where the first session is in the morning at 09:30 to 11:30 pm and the second session at noon at 13:30 to 15:30 pm.


The fun of Fun Dive at SeaWorld Ancol sees a variety of rare fish such as Napoleon Fish (Cheilinus undulates) with a length of 200cm, a 35cm Caesio Cuning (100cm), and a Pari Kelapa (Hi-mathur a jenkinsi) 100 cm. But visitors should also be ready to test their guts while diving in the Main Aquarium because visitors will meet a variety of large fish such as Kertang Grouper (Epinephelis Cot Oides) weighing up to 100 kilograms and 1 meter in diameter.


Experience that will not be forgotten anymore that is when met with Pari Burung Fish or also called Pari Berhidung Mancung because it could have visitors kiss this unique Stingray because this fish is not dangerous. And other excitement is when entering into the hallway Antasena (underwater aisle), where the number of visitors from the outside will ask for and invite photos together with signs or signals for divers to approach the visitors.


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