01 Nov 2017

New Rides Dolphin Bay Ocean Dream Samudra and Aquarium Jellyfish Seaworld Ancol

Ocean Dream Samudra Lihat Peta

Visitors to Ancol Taman Impian will find the latest experience in enjoying the Ocean Dream Ocean and Seaworld Ancol holidays because both places have been launching new rides: Dolphin Bay Ocean Dream Samudra and JellyFish SeaWorld Ancol Marine Park on December 19, 2016. Events launching the rides the latest from Ocean Dream Ocean and Seaworld Ancol opened by the main board of PT. Pembangunan Jaya Ancol Bp. C. Paul Tehusijarana and attended by the board of directors, manager of PT. Pembangunan Jaya Ancol, TBK, Ancol People's School Students and friends of journalists and bloggers. The newest Ocean Dream Ocean Oceanic, Dolphin Bay is a swimming pool of bottlenose dolphins aimed at helping autistic children in need of dolphin therapy and at launching is also attended by one of the parents whose child has been undergoing dolphin therapy at ODS and experience positive changes so that the child can already be invited to communicate normally.


While Seaworld Ancol presents the latest marine animal collection of Aquarium Jelly Fish which is a Aquarium spot that contains a variety of sea animals are not bony we used to know as jellyfish. there are various types of jellyfish on display at the Aquarium Jelly Fish and visitors can see the beauty of jellyfish from near at once safe without fear of being stung by jellyfish.



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