01 Nov 2017

Annual Pass Card Dufan

Dunia Fantasi Lihat Peta

Dufan gives visitors freedom by issuing a card called Annual Pass Dufan, this card serves as a FREE access to Dufan and plays all its ware for a year, so that visitors no longer need to buy Dufan entrance ticket for a year if they already have Dufan Annual Pass Card . Unlimited use of Annual Pass Dufan, can be used every day from Monday to Sunday and can be used on national holidays or holidays.


How to Use Annual Pass:

- Visitors only need to bring Dufan Annual Pass card and no longer need to queue up at Dufan ticket counter because it has FREE right to Dufan for one year.

- Visit directly to Dufan entrance gate

- at Dufan Gate, Visitors show the Annual Pass card to the officer and scan the fingerprint

- After that the gate barrier will open automatically and visitors will be stamped by the officer

- Visitors can get into Dufan and play all the rides


How to make Dufan Annual Pass very easy, without the need to bring or attach any conditions, simply buy a Dufan Annual Pass card at Dufan ticket booth, then head for Dufan Town Hall building located at the left of Dufan entrance gate. at Dufan Town Hall Building, visitors who purchase Annual Pass Dufan fill in their personal data, fingerprint scans and photos location as data on Dufan Annual Pass card. Estimated card-making is only 5 minutes away and cards can be used immediately without the need to wait long.


Terms of Use Annual Pass Dufan:

- Dufan Annual Pass Card can only be used by the owner only

- Dufan Annual Pass Card can not be transferred

- Annual Pass Card does not use the balance system, the visitor only needs to renew the card if the validity period has expired (The expiry date is shown on the card)

- Annual Pass Card is only valid for FREE at Fantasy World Recreation Unit (Dufan)

- Dufan Annual Pass Card is valid for all ages and all domicile areas of visitors


Vacation with Dufan exciting rides is more economical and easy without the need to buy Dufan entrance tickets, disconnect all the limitations because every day can be a fun holiday. Also get discounts on ten ten Dufan tenants and 3 restaurants at Ancol Dreamland just by showing Dufan Annual Pass card. more info please click

https://www.ancol.com/en/promo/diskon-seru-bai-holder-annual-pass-dufan or contact Ancol Customer Care at 021 29 222 222